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- Coaching can be used alongside psychotherapy work, but it cannot replace it.

- Plan about 5 to 10 sessions , depending on your needs, which cannot be spaced more than 2 weeks apart, the ideal being one session per week, over about 1 to 2 months.

- The first session , which is free , is designed to build our relationship and define a work objective . Thereafter, the sessions last an average of one hour, at a rate of 50 euros or 40 euros for students and RSA beneficiaries. Possibility of staggering payments. It takes a supplement of 5 euros for travel costs in Poitiers, then see in an area of about 20 kilometers.

- The session can be of an additional duration of half an hour, to which it will be necessary to add 5 euros to the basic price.

- The place is to be agreed together.

- The coach has no obligation of result.

- I am bound by professional secrecy.

image d'une feme entrain de se recueillir, seule. Un texte sur ce qu'est le coahing y est écrit.

Charte de déontologie :

Code of ethics:

- The coach followed aprofessional trainingwhich allowed him tospecializein the field ofcoaching.
His skills to practice professionally have beenvalidated by the organization or the trainerwho provided this training.
At the request of its customers, it provides them withclear informationon the nature of his training and the various qualifications obtained.
- The coach is required toprofessional secret.
- It is also important to know that as a professional coach, I have asupervisorwho accompanies me in my work, Mr Melcus Robert.
- The coach has no obligation of result.
- Refusal of a mission: The coach is entitled torefuse a missionif it does not seem to him to conform to hisethics, athis competencesor atinterest of the person or organization. He then directs the client to other solutions.


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From Monday   to Friday:

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday 9am-11.30am
Saturday: 9am-12pm


MOBILE: +33  (0)




Siren number 849286570

RCS No. 849286570

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