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Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection and motivation, recognized for its beneficial properties in lithotherapy.

Here is what you need to know about this precious stone:


Origin and Composition:

Tiger's Eye comes from South Africa and was discovered in the 19th century. Its brown and golden reflections recall the majestic colors of the tiger.

This gem is a variety of quartz that has undergone geological and climatic changes over millions of years.

It is connected to the elements earth and fire, as well as the root (Muladhara) and solar plexus (Manipūra) chakras.


Physical Benefits:

Improves blood circulation.

Promotes digestion.

Supports kidney function and the immune system.

Facilitates walking and flexibility of movements.

Accelerates fracture repair.


Emotional and Spiritual Benefits:

Protects against negative energies and curses.

Strengthens self-esteem.

Promotes harmony between Yin and Yang energies.

Brings the serenity necessary to overcome the obstacles of daily life.



Chakras: Solar, sacral, root plexus.

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Cancer and Libra.


Use :

Wear it as a bracelet to benefit from its protective and energizing energies.

Place it on the solar plexus to build self-confidence and encourage action.


Please remember that this information is based on lithotherapy reference books and sites and does not constitute a medical diagnosis. The Tiger Eye bracelet is a powerful piece of jewelry that brings energy and protection to those who wear it. 🌿💎

Tiger Eye Bracelet

  • South Africa.