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Stimulates memory and concentration, promotes cerebral oxygenation. Intellectual tonic which increases resistance to fatigue.
This association of buds offers the advantage of their complementarity:
- The olive tree acts as an antisclerotic;
- Alder fluidizes cerebral circulation, relieves headaches by reducing blood vessel spasms and is active in memory lapses;
- Rosemary balances the nervous system by stimulating memory.

Memory - Bud complex

  • Start with a low dosage and increase gradually until you get the desired effect. Three-week course, followed by a one-week stop. Possibility of doing several cures.
    ⦁ Adult: between 5 to 15 drops per day, diluted in a little water, if possible divided into two or three intakes away from meals;
    ⦁ Child: 1 drop/10kg of weight in lukewarm water;
    ⦁ Pregnant woman: do not recommend, take olive tree buds only.
    ⦁ Animal: dog 1 to 2 drops / day in lukewarm water.

    Ingredients : Olive tree, Glutinous Alder and Rosemary buds, Agave syrup, Alcohol, Water.

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