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Description of our oriental eau de toilette:

Bergamot, with its unique scent, has subtle and beneficial effects on the mind. Here is what we know:

 Soothing and relaxation: The aroma of bergamot is renowned for its soothing effect. It can help reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation.


 Natural Antidepressant: Studies have shown that bergamot can improve mood by reducing anxiety, depression, and stress levels thanks to its antidepressant properties.


 Top Note in Perfumes: Bergamot is used as a top note in perfumes due to its volatility similar to other citrus fruits.


In short, bergamot is much more than just a citrus fruit: it can influence our emotional well-being and our mood. If you are looking for an airy and sunny scent, bergamot should please you!


A trail rich in spices, pleasantly clouded by a fruit-flower bouquet of bergamot and jasmine.

A delicate combination of citrus fruits and light flowers enlivened by a subtly spicy base.


Top notes: Bergamot, citrus.

Heart notes: Jasmine, light flowers.

Base notes: Sweet spices.


Bewitching trail: Ideal for lovers of oriental perfumes.

Elegance and mystery: Bergamot brings luminous freshness, while spices add a captivating touch.

Long-lasting: Perfect for all day wear.

Oriental Eau de Toilette with Bergamot Fleur d'Epice

  • 100 ml

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