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This blend of organic matcha specially created with our craftsman, for your hot or cold milky teas - will also accompany your delicious smoothies.

Our Japanese tea specialist is number 1 in Japan. It won the 1st prize and the prize of the Ministry of Agriculture at the National Japanese Tea Competition 2018. In addition, these teas are labelled Organic 2019.

Bring the flavors of this great tea into your home, for a unique experience with your family and friends.

Matcha tea comes from the extremely fine grinding of the tea leaves, so we will consume the whole leaf and its nutrients in this way, which we do not have in infusion or in a very minimal way. It contains 20 times more antioxidants than a cup of regular green tea. It will be a question here, to put a small quantity, variable according to your taste, and to whip it in hot water.

Premium organic matcha tea

  • 100 grs.

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