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Wild Sweet Tea is an organic variety, very hard to find. This variety is limited in quantity per harvest, it is a wild variety which originates from Anxi, Fujian, China China. It grows naturally in the jungle, without any artificial incubation, fertilizer or chemicals.

This tea generally has two harvests per season, spring and fall. Strictly speaking, it does not come from the traditional Camellia Sinensis , moreover it does not have theine and is therefore considered as an herbal tea. Our herbal tea is rich in ruby oside (precious active organic sweetener) without sugar, so it has a naturally sweet taste in just a few leaves and a very persistent final taste. In addition, this herbal tea is sometimes used in Chinese medicine because it is rich in nutrients which resist body heat, disinfect and reduce inflammation, prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.

Naturally sweet jungle herbal tea

  • Originally from Anxi, Fujian Province in China

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