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At the start of my professional career, I turned to medico-social, integrating a structure that supports people with mental disabilities. It was during this period that I obtained my diploma in medico-psychological assistance (at 25) and where I really discovered what psychology was.

This universe fascinated me and under the impetus of my teacher, I therefore decided to undertake a DEUG in psychology in Poitiers, which I validated after these two years, at the age of 29. I subsequently had 3 children and it was during my last parental leave that I resumed my studies in the 3rd year of the license, with the faculty of psychology of Clermont Ferrand.

It was very enriching for me, because the faculty of Poitiers and that of Clermont have quite different approaches to psychology. One being a cognitivist and the other a psychoanalytic approach. This allowed me to have a greater openness and more in-depth knowledge of these two disciplines. I then continued in master 1 at the faculty of Poitiers, in clinical psychology with specialties in psychopathology and criminology. I could not finish my course for lack of financial means.

It was while thinking about what I could do with this theoretical knowledge that I became interested in the profession of personal development coach. But the practice of sessions being different from "classic" psychology, by professional ethics, I had to follow a training course to give quality coaching, which I carried out with Mr. Robert MELCUS and which I validated at 39 years.

The different types of help that I was able to provide throughout my career aroused the desire in me to complete personal development coaching with physiological assistance. Because during my many experiences, I have seen that we cannot separate the mind from the body. So it was while doing my training that I discovered facial reflexology.

This approach convinced me immediately, on the one hand because it is based on an ancient medicine, Chinese medicine, which for me is a guarantee of seriousness, and on the other hand, because it is an approach that everyone can benefit including people with chronic diseases. But also the face is a special part of the body, in the sense that it poses less of a problem in terms of modesty and because it is extremely sensitive. So I did my training with a doctor in Chinese medicine, Mrs. NGUYEN TOUCHON Phuong Dieu.

It is by meeting different people during my activity that I continue to improve myself and want to provide individualized care.
My vocation is that you find the necessary resources within yourself, so that you achieve your goals or simply to feel your best in your life.

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