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Online training


Production of a symbol revealing your personality at that moment, by creating a sacred space, a place of protection, a center on which to concentrate your energies.

To learn and understand what processes are implemented during emotions and what tools are used to be able to better manage them.


Online training on emotion management chafia coaching

We learn how to manage anger and control it, see what went wrong in managing a conflict with children, for example. The videos are well prepared, well explained, even for people who are not too familiar with this area and who wish to acquire more knowledge. You also learn how to take good care of your mental health. The questionnaires are well done and accessible, you have to follow the videos to be able to answer them. What fascinates me is being able to understand how our brain works. For all these reasons I recommend this course. Last precision, we can do it and redo it to fully understand all the concepts, without access limit and that's really very practical.

Lakhal, 2021.

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