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For the sake of wanting to provide individualized responses to physiological and psychological problems that you may encounter, I decided to work with gemmotherapy. It is a branch of herbal medicine which uses the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs prepared in a fresh state .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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These contain all the power of the future plant , they contain more nucleic acids (genetic information), than other tissues, but also growth hormones , vitamins , trace elements , minerals and especially sap brought by the tree.

What seduced me with gemmotherapy is that it can be recommended for all ages and even within certain limits for pregnant women . There are no notable contraindications, with some recommendations, however, for pregnant women, people taking anticoagulant treatments and people having or having had hormone-dependent cancer, who will have restrictions on certain buds but the majority of them. remaining accessible . It can also be administered to animals .









I recommend mother macerates , being sure of their effectiveness, using them myself and not the diluted form called D1. You can associate up to 4 buds according to your needs, which is why there are also complexes such as for sleep, skin problems, .... As a general rule, it is recommended to do 21-day cures , interspersed with a week of rest . You should always start with a low dosage of 5 drops per day, then increase gradually, until you have the desired effect, up to 30 drops by distributing the catches. This is not a standard treatment, the dosage that will be appropriate will really depend on how you feel.

For pregnant women, do not exceed these 5 drops per day.

I recommend putting them in a little water or under the tongue, as it suits you.

A 50ml bottle , for example, can last an average of two months , or two cures, depending on its use.

The products are made in Montauban sur l'Ouvèze with local plants. Unlike other bud macerates that you can find on the market, those from the Chafia store are made with agave syrup and not with glycerin. Glycerin can be poorly tolerated by many people (imbalance of the intestinal flora) and also it is difficult to find organic quality. This is why agave syrup or honey are better components for bud maceration including for diabetics.
The buds are macerated in the fresh state at the place of their picking (not frozen).

You can consult the therapeutic index , which will guide you in choosing the bud that will be most suited to your needs.


Regarding the alcohol used, it is organic wheat alcohol.

According to the opinion of Imâm Abou Hanîfa ra and Qâdhi Abou Yoûssouf ra, if the drug contains alcohol that has been made from something other than grapes or dates (which is the case, it would seem, for almost all drugs nowadays), it will then be allowed to the patient to consume it as a treatment, on condition however that the quantity taken does not make drunk (See "Fath al Qadîr" - Volume 8 / Page 160 ).

In the opinion of the jurists of the Shaféite school, if the drug consists only of pure alcohol, then it will not be allowed to take it. On the other hand, if it is mixed with another drug product whose quantity dominates that of alcohol (which is the case for drugs currently used), in this case it will be allowed to take it as a treatment and in small amount (not making drunk), when its beneficial effect is established (by medical diagnosis from a reliable and honest doctor, for example) and there are no other pure products that can replace it. (“Bouhoûth fi Qadhâya Fiqhiyah Mouâsarah” by Moufti Taqui Ousmâni, who cites as reference the writings of Ar Ramali ra: “Nihâyat oul Mouhtâdj” (Volume 8 / Page 12). See also “Al Fiqh oul Islâmiy” - Volume 3 / Page 523).


Warning: These properties, indications and modes of use are taken from reference books or websites in gemmotherapy and phytotherapy. This information is given for informational purposes, it does not replace medical information, nor engage my responsibility. If you are in doubt, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Thanking you for your understanding.


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