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Fights the ailments of winter and good for the memory:

Promotes cerebral blood circulation (memory, cerebral liveliness);

Boosts immune defenses.

Acts on the ENT and bronchopulmonary sphere;

It is an anti-inflammatory.

Possibility of combining with blackcurrant to enhance its effectiveness.

GLUTINE ALDER: memory and winter ailments

PriceFrom €17.50
  • In times of crisis, 5 to 15 drops in the morning, if acute infection 15 drops maximum every two hours over a very short period, can be taken in addition to antibiotics if necessary. As a basic treatment for memory, start by taking 5 drops per day and then increase until the desired effect is obtained, without exceeding 15 drops per day. As a three-week treatment with a one-week break between each treatment.

    Child: 1 drop per kilo per day

    No contraindication.

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