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This complex calms the mind and calms anxieties. It helps falling asleep and improves the quality of sleep.
This association of buds offers the advantage of their complementarity:
- Linden has both calming properties and helps to promote sleep, but also to increase its duration. Against insomnia in children and adults. It is also an effective antispasmodic in heart palpitations, spasmophilia and diaphragmatic hernias.
- The Fig tree (sacred tree in Antiquity) acts in depth on our endocrine system. Its calming action is remarkable, it helps to relax, to dispel stress and anxiety.
- Hawthorn is a sedative of the central nervous system, as such, it acts as an anxiolytic.

Sleep - Bud Complex

PriceFrom €21.50
  • Lime, Fig and Hawthorn buds, agave syrup, alcohol (wheat).