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Liver, digestion and immune system:

Known since ancient Egypt for its antioxidant properties, and as a brain tonic.

Digestive system


-Stimulates appetite and digestion by increasing bile secretion and stimulating the gallbladder.

-Stimulates the elimination of toxins, helps digestion of lipids.

Circulatory system

-Stimulates the circulation of blood to the head

-Reduces muscle tension and inflammation (Migraines and headaches)

-Stimulates general and peripheral circulation (used for varicose veins, frostbite, arteriosclerosis.

Psycho-emotional system

-Excellent brain tonic, improves concentration and memory.

-Calm anxiety, ward off depression. Relieves exhaustion and insomnia.

Immune system

Stimulates the immune defenses and the main functions of the organism

-Anti-inflammatory, relieves arthritis and gout.

Urinary system

-Diuretic, strengthens the elimination of waste.

Reproductive system

-Decreases menstrual bleeding, relieves dysmenorrhea

Regulates hormonal functions like the thyroid.

ROSEMARY: Liver, digestion and immune system

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  • Start with a low dosage and increase gradually until you get the desired effect. Three-week course, followed by a one-week stop. Possibility of doing several cures.

    • Adult: between 5 and 15 drops per day, diluted in a little water, if possible divided into two or three intakes away from meals;

    • Child: 1 drop / 10kg of weight in lukewarm water;

    • Pregnant woman: not recommended.

    • Animal: 1 to 2 drops / day in lukewarm water.

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