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Lungs and liver:

it is THE remedy for sclerosis of tissues that tend to become fibrous and lose their elasticity.
Pulmonary system :
Drainer of the lung, it restores the elasticity of the lung. It is indicated in bronchitis (in particular those of the smoker), emphysema and asthma.
Circulatory system:
Promotes the synthesis of red blood cells in the marrow. Hypocoagulant, it acts in circulatory, venous and arterial "stagnations" (thromboses, varicose ulcers, varicose veins, necrosis of the extremities.)
Hepatic and renal system :
The great remedy, with Juniper, for hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Resorption of edema of the lower limbs.
Musculoskeletal system ;
Remineralizing in osteoporosis, polyarthritis, osteitis.
Nervous system :
Rebalancing and soothing action, in particular on nocturnal awakenings.

HAZELNUT: lungs and liver

  • Start with a low dosage and increase gradually until you get the desired effect. Three-week course, followed by a one-week stop. Possibility of doing several cures.

    • Adult: between 5 and 15 drops per day, dilute in a little water, if possible divided into two or three intakes away from meals;

    • Child: 1 drop / 10kg of weight in lukewarm water;

    • Pregnant woman: no contraindication.

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