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Tree Agate, often called the “stone of nature”, is a mineral of exceptional beauty, with a white color crossed by green inclusions similar to foliage.


Properties and Virtues:

Tree Agate is known for its many beneficial properties:


Balance :

It restores physical, emotional and intellectual balance.


Immune system :

It stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body's natural defenses.


Skin health:

It can help treat various skin problems.


Anti stress :

It reduces stress and makes breathing easier.


Self-confidence :

It significantly boosts self-confidence so that you can face every situation with courage and confidence.



It has a natural soothing power that allows you to relax and find your inner calm.


Prosperity :

It is known as a stone of luck and prosperity.


Use :

Wearing this Tree Agate bracelet can help you find serenity in your daily life. It is particularly recommended for people seeking tranquility and prosperity.


Please remember that this information is based on lithotherapy reference books and sites and does not constitute a medical diagnosis.


Agathe Tree Bracelet

10,20 €Price
  • 16 to 18 cm wrist circumference for 6 mm pearls.

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