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This association of buds offers the advantage of their complementarity:
-The Apple tree has an anti-inflammatory and cooling effect on hot flashes during menopause. Apple is also effective in certain hypercholesterolemia that accompanies menopause. Multiple remedy, it acts on the central nervous system as a calming. Its hormone-like effect has a more progesterone-like action and may therefore explain its favorable action on frigidity and loss of libido.
- Bramble acts against osteoporosis through its stimulating properties of osteoblasts. In the specific problem of menopause, bramble is a great potential antisenescent geriatric remedy. It prevents high blood pressure which tends to occur precisely at menopause.
-The Raspberry is recommended in post-menopause or early menopause, particularly in menorrhagia (periods of abnormally long duration and abnormally excessive abundance).
Warning : Not recommended for people who have or have had hormone-dependent cancer. See for the use of grape buds, which will be preferable or mountain alder.

Menopause - Bud Complex

  • Raspberry, apple and bramble buds, agave syrup, alcohol (wheat) and water.

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