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White musk is a fragrance that has always fascinated and seduced the senses. Here are some of its effects on the mind:

Attachment and Memories: White musk has the ability to create emotional attachment. Its scent can evoke memories, recalling special moments or past experiences. We often forget that we naturally secrete scents, and white musk can act as a subtle link between our mind and our memories.

Attention Capture: White musk has a powerful and captivating scent. It can capture the attention of others and create a mysterious aura around the wearer. This is why it is often used in perfumes and beauty products to attract attention.

Sensuality and Femininity: Associated with femininity, white musk has a sublimating effect on women. Its sweetness and special character make it a sensual perfume par excellence. It can strengthen self-confidence and bring a touch of seduction to the wearer.

In short, white musk is much more than just a perfume. It has a rich history and varied olfactory facets that continue to charm perfume lovers around the world.

Description :

The exuberance of white musk mixes with the spontaneity of amber, pleasantly disturbed by a note of vanilla. An oriental and woody symphony that transports you on an olfactory journey to the Orient.

Olfactory notes:

Head: White musk, lily of the valley.

Heart: Amber.

Base: Sandalwood.

Properties :

Bewitching trail: Ideal for lovers of oriental perfumes.

Elegance and sensuality: White musk brings a refined oriental note, while amber adds a captivating touch.

Long-lasting: Perfect for all day.

White Musk Oriental Eau de Toilette

14,97 €Price
  • 100 ml spray bottle.

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