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Discovery of our oriental sandalwood spice eau de toilette:

Sandalwood, with its woody and sweet scent, has soothing and beneficial effects on the mind. Here is what we know:

Purification and elevation: Sandalwood is considered a sacred incense in India. Its aroma cleanses the atmosphere of any negative influence, purifies the mind and elevates the individual towards the divine. In Buddhism, the scents of sandalwood help transform desires and promote meditation.

Reflection and clarity of mind: Sandalwood is used in Ayurvedic medicine to calm the mind, clear thoughts and clarify the intellect. It is associated with the sixth chakra, the third eye, promoting reflection and spiritual elevation.

In short, sandalwood is much more than just a perfume: it can influence our state of mind, soothe us and connect us to deeper dimensions of our being.


A freshness of spicy citrus fruits awakens on the woody, slightly milky scent of sandalwood.

Subtly blossomed by a warm musk.

Olfactory notes:

A woody, musky accord, spicy with coriander and cardamom, softened by the grace of mandarin and geranium.


Bewitching trail: Ideal for lovers of oriental perfumes.

Elegance and mystery: Sandalwood brings a woody and creamy note.

Long-lasting: Perfect for all day wear.

Oriental Spice Sandalwood Eau de Toilette

14,97 €Price
  • 100 ml spray bottle.

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