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- Facilitates digestion, reduces bloating,

- Antiparasitic, vermifuge, antifungal and antibacterial,

- For mature skin, wrinkles and fine lines dull complexion and tired skin.

- Psycho-emotional balance and self-confidence.

Organic turmeric essential oil

  • In 2006, Patrice Belin settled in Cambodia in the province of Battambang located in the North East. This region is known worldwide for its jasmine rice (phka malis), but also for its land rich in agriculture.

    Passionate about flora, and the strength of encounters with Cambodian farmers, he realized his dream of distilling essential oils.

    Its first achievement will be in collaboration with the Franco Khmer association "Vivre de sa Terre" in Battambang, whose main purpose is to train future farmers in the practice of permaculture. This led to the creation of a still and the development  of Kampot pepper essential oils (AOC since 2010).

    In 2020, the SKOPA association, (Samlot Khmer Organic Pepper Association) is getting closer to his project and supports him by providing him with his raw material in organic pepper.

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