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Calming and purifying:

for external use: it is an astringent, a purifier and effective on damaged skin. Also useful against insect bites, ... It is also a repellent for lice.
In internal use, it will relax, harmonize and calm.
For animals, spray in the usual places to keep fleas away, possibility of combining it with cedar.
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Organic lavender hydrosol: calming and purifying

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  • Externally: apply pure or diluted on the skin, in bath water or as a spray as a deodorant or repellent against lice (in addition to cedar hydrosol). As a compress on the forehead for headaches, such as peppermint hydrosol.

    Internally: a teaspoon in a cup of water, i.e. 5ml, 3 to 5 times a day or a tablespoon in a liter of water to drink during the day.

    Store in the fridge after opening and consume within about 6 months. If the smell turns, it is because the hydrosol is no longer good but it is not dangerous for health.

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