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Woman's cycle:

internally, it will be particularly recommended for women and difficulties related to the female cycle. In mouthwash, it will soothe all its minor inconveniences. Calms cravings, especially sugar. It helps cleanse the body and calms headaches.

In external use, it will be recommended for oily to combination skin, as well as to strengthen hair growth.

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Organic sage hydrosol: women's cycle and combination to oily skin

PriceFrom €6.00
  • Externally: apply pure or diluted on the skin or as a mouthwash.

    Internally: a teaspoon in a cup of water, i.e. 5ml, 3 to 5 times a day or a tablespoon in a liter of water to drink during the day. Cure limited to three weeks.

    Store in the fridge after opening and consume within about 6 months. If the smell turns, it is because the hydrosol is no longer good but it is not dangerous for health.