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Rose Quartz, often called the “stone of love”, is a mineral of exceptional beauty, ranging from pale pink to dark pink, with varied shades ranging from lavender to peach including orange highlights.

Properties and Virtues:

Rose Quartz is known for its many beneficial properties:

Love and Self-Confidence: It is often associated with love and self-confidence.

Appeasement: It represents appeasement in everyday life or within your relationships.

Anti-stress: It is also known to reduce stress and make breathing easier.

Skin health: Rose Quartz is beneficial for the skin. It can help reduce redness and inflammation, relieve itching, hydrate and protect the skin, stimulate collagen production, and improve skin elasticity.

Use :

Wearing this Rose Quartz Tree of Life pendant can help you find serenity in your love and emotional life. It is particularly recommended for people born under the signs of Scorpio and Aries, but is also suitable for all other astrological signs looking for love.

Optional :

You can order with the pendant a chain which is made of sterling silver, 40 to 45 cm in length.

Rose Quartz Tree of Life Pendant

PriceFrom €24.00
  • Brazil

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