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Description: Discover the beauty secret of the Middle East with our exfoliating Aleppo Soap with nigella seeds 8% 100grs. Handcrafted by a master soap maker from Aleppo, this soap respects the ancestral method for Aleppo soap, with 100% olive oil and bay laurel. Without artificial fragrance or chemical coloring and not tested on animals, it is recommended for sensitive or problem skin.


Benefits :

Exfoliant: Nigella offers exfoliating properties for soft and renewed skin.

Organic: Made with natural and organic ingredients, it respects your skin and the environment.

Sensitive skin: Its gentle formula is ideal for sensitive or problem skin.

Use: Apply the soap to wet skin, massage gently then rinse with clean water.

Exfoliating Aleppo soap with nigella seeds 8%

  • 100g.

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