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The wellness consultation was designed to give you

advice on gemmotherapy (plant buds)

and other products from the Bio Chafia store . It will therefore be

during this telephone or skype interview , depending on

needs, to provide you with personalized answers to your

health problems such as, for example, telling you

which plant bud (s) will benefit you the most.

This will be according to the answers you have given me on your

current health , the effect you are looking for, what are your

living conditions (diet, sport, sleep,

social environment, ...) and especially the conditions of appearance

of your ailments. Effectively, as I like to say, your body

does not go without your head nor your head without your body.

Normally this is something I do when

facial reflexology consultations, in preliminary interview,

but in view of the requests by phone, I will therefore put in

place this specific service. To be able to provide you with answers that are as precise as possible, it is preferable to have taken a blood test beforehand as well as to provide me with the current medical treatments.

This service lasts from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your specific needs , which will lead to recommendations concerning the taking of a particular bud in gemmotherapy or hydrosol and, if necessary, the recommendation of a specialist for more treatment. thorough (naturopath, sophrologist, osteopath, ....). If during the interview it appears that your ailments are linked to more specific problems, I can then offer you support during personal development coaching sessions or for personalized follow-up during your treatment in gemmotherapy.

All the recommendations that will be made are not binding.

The price of this interview is 30 euros , you can book by clicking on the link below.

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