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your source of well-being

CHAFIA was founded in 2017 in Poitiers to offer comprehensive services to improve the health of our customers. We offer a wide range of treatments (reflexology), courses and services (coaching) to optimize your health and well-being. Our clients come from all backgrounds and it is a pleasure to share the same goal: the well-being of their body and mind. Whether you feel pain or simply want to benefit from better physical and mental health, CHAFIA.FR provides you with all the resources you need as well as an organic care and health store. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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Best Sellers

Fille randonnée dans les montagnes


Since 2017, I have worked as a certified life coach and therapist (Master 1 in psychology). My job is to help people identify and achieve their personal goals. Recognize the problems that give rise to a state of anxiety and stress in them, to thus support them in their liberation. Contact me to find out more!

réflexologie et massage crânien


Acupressure is considered a manual therapy. Coming from traditional Chinese medicine, it consists of stimulating specific areas and points of the body, particularly those of the face, feet and/or skull, to revive homeostasis or body balance.

En train d'étudier

Online training

The CHAFIA company is also there to allow everyone to have access to a certain knowledge, whatever the level you have. To find out more about our training or workshop programs, access to them, etc., browse our site.

" One cannot heal one part without healing the whole. Healing the body separated from the soul cannot be, and in order for the spirit and the body to regain health, one have to start by healing the soul. Today physician's fundamental error is to separate the soul from the body.

Plato, Charmides

"A professional who listens, who offers a range of very high quality products, positive coaching where we are actors to move forward on our path, reflexology sessions to relieve all our ailments. A complete professional to support us in our personal development. A big thank you for all this."

Celine C.

“I recommend the facial reflexology massage with my eyes closed, a real pleasure.
I am very satisfied with the natural products used, oils and hydrosols...
Thank you very much to you Élise for your kindness, your professionalism and your attentiveness.
Looking forward to my next appointment..  »

Sophie M.

“I discovered chafia thanks to a friend. having hot flashes and blood circulation problems, she advised me to take:AIRELLES -VIGNES-CASSIS - from the 1st week no more flashes in any case no more this feeling of being hot and all red. Each macerate has very specific properties. I am very satisfied "

Habi N.

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