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Facial reflexology
Organic shop in care and health

  For a holistic approach to the person  

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My name is Elise and I am a certified coach in personal development and facial reflexologist.
I am here to help you find your own answers despite your mental blocks you may encounter in life.
Should you need a treatment with facial reflexology in response to your ailments in your body such as stress, insomnia, back pain etc, or should you need to see more clearly in your life path, my coaching in
personal development, together with my clinical psychology and spychopathology expertise, will help you in finding your own answers in case of professional or family issues or lack of confidence etc.
This can also be treated in working group. Sometimes you may need both, psychological and physiological
accompaniment as some mental blocks can affect your health or health affecting your moral.
So you will find what is the best for you.

We cannot heal one part without healing the whole. The body cannot be separated from the soul. For the spirit and body to regain health you have to start healing the soul.
Today physicians’ fundamental error is to separate the body from the soul.

Chafia has been designed to provide a global response when necessary, in particular with the store of Bio Chafia products in care and health.

This shop specializes in gemmotherapy (plant buds), hydrosols or floral waters, synergies of black seed oils (exclusive) or oily macerates and organic tea soaps. You can also find a new section for organic and fair food, with organic teas and herbal teas. All of these products will respond to your various ailments in the most natural way possible.

" One cannot heal one part without healing the whole. Healing the body separated from the soul cannot be, and in order for the spirit and the body to regain health, one have to start by healing the soul. Today physician's fundamental error is to separate the soul from the body.

Plato, Charmides

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Organic Shop
care and health

  • Gemmotherapy (plant buds)

  • Hydrosols or floral waters

  • Vegetable oils, macerates, synergies based on Nigella

(Chafia exclusive) and organic tea soaps

  • Organic and fair food products

and food supplements

Chafia boutique Bio en soins et santé
made in france, produits bio de la boutique chafia